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The Australian Business Number (ABN) is an 11-digit identifier for individuals or businesses registered for tax purposes.


Australian Company Number. A unique identifying number assigned to incorporated companies by the Australian Securities Commission.

Acquisition Date

The date that a vehicle is sold (ie the date the customer takes delivery of a vehicle) or the date that a vehicle passes from the responsibility of the current operator to a new operator.

Additional Tax

Calculation of Road Tax payable on a transfer of registration when there is a change of usage, eg pension concession or primary producer concession not applicable to the new operator. Additional tax is calculated on a pro-rata basis from the acquisition date to the expiry date of the registration.

ADR code

Code used by the Federal Office of Road Safety to describe vehicles according to body shape and tare eg MA is code for light passenger vehicle; NA is code for light goods vehicle.


Authorised Inspection Station. An establishment, such as a garage, service station, workshop or motor dealer who is authorised by RMS to inspect motor vehicles and issue safety inspection reports (pink slips) to roadworthy vehicles.


Australian Registered Body Number is issued to companies incorporated overseas who are trading in Australia or to a body corporate formed in Australia which wishes to carry on business in one or more states or territories other than its home jurisdiction.


Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Station. An RMS approved establishment, such as a service station, garage, motor dealer or workshop, where motor vehicles are inspected in accordance with identity, safety and design check standards for the purposes of unregistered vehicle inspection, adjustment of records and the clearance of major or design-related defects.

Axle code

Codes used to describe axle configurations according to number of axles and wheels in an axle group.




Business use

DRIVES code 'BUSG'. The vehicle usage is for any purposes other than those described in the definition of Private use.


Term used in Dealer Online to describe the person who accepts responsibility for a vehicle through a transfer of registration.





Common Expiry Date. An expiry date given to a company that has a fleet of vehicles so that all their vehicle registrations fall due for renewal on the same day.

Certificate of Registration

Called C/R in RMS jargon. This is the certificate issued to a customer which displays the:

  • registered operator details
  • registration details
  • vehicle details
  • payment details

Chassis number

Vehicle identifier which is stamped onto the frame or body of vehicles manufactured before 1989.

Compliance plate

A plate attached to a vehicle during manufacturing to identify the vehicle. The compliance plate shows the numbers of the Australian Design Rule Standards with which the vehicle complies, the make and model of the vehicle, the month and year of manufacture, GVM and seating capacity, if applicable.


RMS has two types of customer - the individual and the organisation customer. In most cases the individual is also a licence holder and is easily identified by a NSW licence number. See also Organisation customer.

Customer number

RMS allocates a unique number to each customer. Dealer Online transactions can only be processed for customers who have been issued with an RMS customer number.


Compulsory Third Party insurance. Insurance that every motor vehicle must have in order to be driven on public roads. CTP covers personal injury to a third party, for example, other road users such as drivers, passengers, pedestrians, pedal cyclists, motorcyclists and pillion passengers.




Dealer Online

Dealer Online is an Internet application that enables authorised dealers to record establish registrations and related transactions directly onto the DRIVES database.

Disposal Date

The date a vehicle is sold or the date the responsibility for a vehicle passes from the current operator to a new operator.


The computer database maintained by RMS which contains registration and licensing details for vehicle operators and holders of driving licences in NSW.

DRIVES Help Desk

A section of RMS which provides technical support for those RMS business partners using the e-commerce systems such as Dealer Online.

DVA/Veteran Affairs

Department of Veteran's Affairs. Federal government department which administers pensions, allowances and other benefits, medical treatment and other services to veterans and other entitled persons.




Encumbered vehicle

A vehicle in which another party besides the registered operator has a financial interest. See also Register of Encumbered Vehicles (REVS).

Establish registration

Registering a new vehicle or a vehicle whose registration has lapsed or been cancelled, or was registered in another state or country.





An area on the Dealer Online screen which displays information or in which you can enter information. Some fields are display only; you cannot enter anything in these fields.

Fleet manager

Fleet manager
1) Internal to the organisation, is the contact person for a vehicle in an organisation's fleet, or
2) External to the organisation, is an organisation external/separate to the organisation or person named as the registered operator of the vehicle which administers and manages the vehicle eg. a leasing company.




Garage address

This is defined as the vehicle's depot, principal base of operations or where the vehicle is normally kept (for example, for most family cars, it is the registered operator's residential address). This must be a street address within NSW.

In most cases the garage address and the residential address for a vehicle will be the same. The garage address appears in the main address box on the certificate of registration.

On DRIVES the garage address is attached to a vehicle.

Green slip

Also called CTP slip, it is the document issued by an insurance company when a person takes out CTP insurance.
With the exception of trailers, the green slip is a mandatory requirement for registration.

Green vehicle guide

This information allows RMS to monitor the environmental performance of new vehicles under 3.5 tonnes GVM registered in New South Wales. The environmental performance is determined from information provided by vehicle manufacturers to the Australian Greenhouse Office.


Gross Vehicle Mass. The maximum laden weight at which the manufacturer recommends the vehicle to be operated.
The GVM is stamped on the vehicle's compliance plate.






Incorporated organisation

Incorporated Organisation is a business that exists as a legal entity through the process of incorporation. Most corporate bodies have the words 'Limited' or 'Proprietary Limited' after their name. All incorporated organisations must use their Australian Company Number (ACN) or Australian Registered Body Number (ARBN) to prove their identity.








Lease manager

Leasing manager, is an organisation external/separate to the organisation or person named as the registered operator of the vehicle, which administers and manages the vehicle.

Light vehicle

A motor vehicle eg. sedan, station wagon, light goods vehicle with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) up to and including 4.5 tonnes.




Mailing address

This is the address to which renewal advices and correspondence can be sent. It can be a post office box anywhere in Australia. On DRIVES the mailing address is attached to a customer.

Mandatory fields

Fields on the Dealer Online screen which require input from the user. Users must complete all mandatory fields in order to progress to the next screen or next section.

Market Value

The worth of a vehicle as sold with all accessories not just its cash price.
In a transfer of registration, stamp duty is calculated on the sale price or market value of a vehicle, whichever is higher.

Microfilm coversheet

A form which prefaces the source documents for all online transactions. It contains the user ID of the person who processed the transaction online and the date of the transaction.




Notice address

This is the address to which legal documents such as summonses will be served in the event of traffic offences, warrants etc. It should be a NSW street address , except for organisations which may have an interstate address. On DRIVES the notice address is attached to a customer.

Notice of Disposal

NOD. Written advice to RMS that a person has disposed of a vehicle usually by selling it to another.
This action exonerates the seller from further liability for the vehicle.

Numeral only plates

Number plates that contain up to six numbers and no characters. These plates can be owned by individuals or companies.





Records the kilometres travelled by a vehicle. This value should be captured when recording a Notice of Disposal or when processing a Transfer of Registration.

Organisation customer

Organisation customers fall into two categories: incorporated and unincorporated organisations. Incorporated organisations are a legal entity and may be recorded as registered operators of vehicles. Unincorporated organisations do not have legal status and require a legal entity to be recorded as the registered operator on behalf of the organisation.




Personalised plates

Plates which the customer chooses according to a preset format combining letters and numbers. Most Personalised plates incurring annual fees can be processed via DOL.

Personal Plus plates (also referred to as Custom Plates)

Number plates that contain up to six alphanumeric characters chosen by the customer. Personal Plus plates can often convey a message, for example, ILUVU, BRIKKY.

Plate transfer

A customer's personal or existing plate can be transferred on to a new vehicle being established in the customer's name. Standard issue plates are plates are placed on the old vehicle.
The plate transfer can only be performed if the customer number with the right to display the plate is the same as the customer number already validated for the new vehicle.
A fee is charged for plate transfers.

Plate type

Codes used to identify the type of plate according to the vehicle on which it can be displayed ie Motorcycle plate or Other Vehicle plate.


Proof of Identity. RMS requires customers to produce POI before processing many transactions. This is to ensure that the customer is the person and/or organisation they say they are.

See the POI brochure for a list of acceptable POI.

Premium plates

A style of standard issue plate with black characters on a white background. The front plate of the set is shallower than standard GI plates to fit the bumper bars of modern vehicles.

Primary address

Same as Notice address. This is the address to which legal documents will be served in the event of traffic offences, warrants etc. It should be a NSW street address, except for organisations which may have an interstate address. On DRIVES the notice address is attached to a customer.

Primary producer

Defined under the Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 1988 as a person who cultivates or uses land for agricultural produce; animal farming or fish culture, a nursery, grazing or rearing of horses, cattle or sheep. A concession is applicable to any vehicle that is used mainly for purposes connected with primary production.

Private use

DRIVES code 'PRIV'. Usage of a vehicle is substantially for social or domestic purposes or for pleasure.

Public vehicle

A motor vehicle built principally to carry people which conveys passengers for hire or reward.






Re-establish registration

Registering a vehicle whose registration has lapsed or been cancelled, or was registered in another state or country.

Registration expiry date

The end date of the registration period for a vehicle. Most registration periods are for 12 months eg if a start date of a registration period is 1 April, the expiry date is 31 March.

Remake of plates

The process of re-ordering and re-pressing a set of number plate/s with the same characters when one or both plates are damaged or lost.


The process of continuing a registration without allowing it to lapse.


A representative is anyone who conducts business on behalf of another person or on behalf of an organisation.

Responsible operator

The person who is responsible for a vehicle while it is in use on public roads. The responsible operator is the person who is held responsible for the vehicle under law for traffic infringements, whether they are driving the vehicle or not.

Right to display

The privilege given to a responsible operator to display a set of number plates on a vehicle. The right to display personalised plus or numeral only plates may be sold.

Road Vehicle Descriptor (RVD) sheets

New vehicle information is provided by the Department of Transport & Regional Services (DOTARS) on RVDs. These have replaced the New Vehicle Data sheets previously issued.




Sale Price

The price for which a vehicle is sold. Includes cash price and the trade-in value, if any.
In a transfer of registration, stamp duty is calculated on the sale price or market value of a vehicle, whichever is higher.

Sale usage

This usage is applied to vehicles held for resale by a motor dealer.
It exempts the dealer from paying stamp duty on the transfer.

Security Administrator

Is the person nominated by the Dealer and authorised by RMS as the person responsible for administering the system on behalf of the Dealer.


Term used in Dealer Online to describe the person who disposes of a vehicle.


Service NSW

Small bus

DRIVES body shape SBS. A motor vehicle constructed principally for the conveyance of persons which seats nine people including the driver.

Source document

Forms and other paperwork including receipts which justify the Dealer Online transaction.
All source documents must be bundled in date and user order and each bundle must be prefaced by a microfilm coversheet.

Stamp duty

Stamp duty is a government tax collected by RMS on behalf of the Office of State Revenue. Unless an exemption is granted by the Office of State Revenue, stamp duty must be paid on a motor vehicle when -

  • it is new and being registered for the first time
  • the certificate of registration is being transferred to another person or issued in another name

Standard issue plates

Plates issued by RMS where the characters appearing on the plates have been chosen by RMS not the customer. In general, these plates display black characters on a yellow background. Other styles of Standard issue plates include:

  • premium plates
  • Euro plates
  • cycle plates
  • public vehicle plates (for taxis, buses, hire cars)
  • trader plates
  • tow truck plates
  • recreation vehicle plates

Start date

First date of the registration period.
For a new vehicle the start date of the registration is the date the plates and label are attached to the new vehicle.




Tare Weight

The unladen weight of the vehicle.

Transaction summary report

Provides a summary of the number and value of transactions processed for a given date for the dealership. The report can provide information backdated up to 14 days.

Transfer of registration

Transaction which records the transfer of responsibility for a particular vehicle from one operator to another.
Fees and charges collected can include a transfer fee, stamp duty, additional tax and surcharge on a late transfer.

Transfer status

RMS code which refers to the vehicle's registration history.

Transfer surcharge

RMS allows customers 14 days from the acquisition date in which to apply and pay for a transfer.
Late application and payment incurs a surcharge.
The surcharge, if applicable, must be paid at the time of the transfer.





Is the person nominated by the Dealer and authorised by the RMS as the person authorised to use the Dealer Online System.

User ID

A unique coded identifier created by RMS for each authorised user.





Vehicle identification number. A seventeen-digit identifier stamped by the manufacturer onto the frame or body of a vehicle manufactured from 1989 onwards.





The distance between the front and rear axles of the vehicle.






Year of manufacture

The year of manufacture of a motor vehicle appearing on the compliance plate.




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