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The following is a summary of the terms and conditions of use of the DOL System. A full list of the terms and conditions are included in your employer's dealer agreement with the RMS. You should read the full terms and conditions before using Dealer Online. The full terms and condition and their summary below will apply to your use of DRIVES.

Use of the DOL System
  1. You must not use the Dealer Online System ("DOL System") for any purpose other than submitting vehicle information to the RMS.
  2. You must only use the DOL System if you are authorised by your employer to do so.
  3. You must ensure that the information you enter in DOL is complete and accurate.
  4. You must comply with the instructions given to you from time to time by the RMS or your employer.

User IDs and passwords
  1. You must.
    1. Keep your password secure and separate from your user IDs;
    2. Not share or disclose your password or user ID;
    3. Fully log out of the DOL System when vacating the computer terminal to ensure no other person is able to provide a transaction under your user ID.
  2. Not do anything to compromise the security or integrity of DOL information.
  3. If you know or suspect that a person who is not authorised to access the DOL System knows or may know a User's password or that a User knows the password of another User, you must advise your employer immediately.

Confidentiality & Security
  1. DOL information contains the personal information of RMS customers and the Privacy Act applies to it. You must not disclose DOL information to anyone except:
    1. Your colleagues who are authorised to use the DOL System; or
    2. As permitted by law.
  2. You must immediately notify your employer if you become aware of any suspected misuse of the DOL System or confidential or personal information.
  3. You must return to your employer any DOL information on demand.
  4. The Dealer must:
    1. Immediately notify the Controlling Registry if it becomes aware of any suspected or actual unauthorised Use, disclosure or disposal of the DOL System or DOL System Information.
    2. Immediately take all steps (including those requested by the RMS) at its own expense, which is necessary to:
      1. Prevent any suspected or actual unauthorised Use, disclosure, or disposal of the DOL System or DOL System Information by its Personnel; or
      2. Enforce the rights of the Dealer or the RMS in respect of any breach by the Dealer's Personnel of their obligations in respect of the DOL System or the DOL System Information;
    3. Ensure that the DOL System and the DOL System Information are safeguarded at all times from corruption, interference or loss, and against unauthorised Use, disclosure, disposal or other misuse; and
    4. Not store, reproduce or create any database of DOL System Information, whether in electronic or other form except as required for the Purpose or by Law.

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