Online Planned Incident System (OPLINC)

Contact Details

For any problems with this website or for further information on how to use this service, please contact the Transport Management Centre's Traffic Information Line on

13 27 01

from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday, and 8:30am to 12pm Saturday, excluding public holidays.

Please note that up to 10 working days is required for Road Occupancy Licence applications to be assessed and processed.

Special event applications or complex road occupancy applications will require additional lead time. Please contact the relevant regional office below for information on the timeframes required to process these applications.

For any questions regarding a Road Occupancy Licence application please contact the relevant regional office below:

Regional Office Email Address Phone Number
Hunter 0288746806
Northern 0266401064
South Western 0269236606
Southern 0242212509
Sydney 0283961513
Western 0268611461
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