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Online Planned Incident System (OPLINC)

Transport Management Centre Road Occupancy Licence submission and Proponent registrations (OPLINC System)

ROL Shift Activation and Deactivation

All OPLINC registered organisations must use the Shift Activation web address below.

For access to the ROL shift management user manual, please visit

Access to Sydney Light Rail corridor

Online PLanned INCident System (OPLINC) has been designed to allow online lodgement of applications for any activity involving the closure of a traffic lane, or any activity likely to impact on the operational efficiency of the arterial road network. This application will be analysed and responded to by the Transport for NSW (Transport Management Centre).You can use OPLINC to:

  • Apply for a Road Occupancy Licence
  • Extend an existing or previous Road Occupancy Licence
  • View the location to be occupied on the interactive geographic map
  • Review Summary, Report and Monitor progress of your application
  • Acrobat Reader is required to view reports within the application. Please download if required.
  • The recommended browser for Oplinc is the latest version of Google Chrome. Please download if required.
Before you can continue, you need to read and accept the terms & conditions found below. They set out the agreement between you and the Transport for NSW (TfNSW) on the use of the Online Planned Incident System. Please read these terms & conditions carefully.



Access and Terms of Use

Transport for NSW ("TfNSW") has agreed to allow you to access its OPLINC system as a Nominated User representing your employer or principal or business (the "Legal Applicant"). By using OPLINC you agree to these Terms of Use. If you don't agree to these terms then you must not use OPLINC. You should read these Terms of Use carefully as they may change from time to time.

OPLINC Passwords

You must create a unique password to use OPLINC. You must keep that password secret and not disclose it or share it with anyone. If you suspect that anyone might know your password, or if you suspect that any other OPLINC user has been sharing or disclosing their password then you must tell TfNSW immediately.

No Licence Without Formal Approval

No road occupancy licence rights arise until TfNSW issues written confirmation of a Road Occupancy Licence.

Copy of Licence Must Be Given to the End User

If the Road Occupancy Licence is being applied for on behalf of a third party then you must give that person a copy of the Licence so that they can comply with its terms.

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