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Written-off vehicle register

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Conditions of use

Statutory obligation

  1. Insurers, dealers and auto-dismantlers ("users") must supply written off vehicle register ("WOVR") information to the RTA and the RTA is entitled to provide access to or disclose WOVR information subject to and in accordance with the Traffic Amendment (Vehicle Identification) Act 1996 (the "Act") and any regulations made pursuant to the Act ("Regulations").


  1. Fines up to $2,200 apply for supplying false WOVR information to the RTA or for using or disclosing WOVR information without authority.

No RTA warranties and no RTA liability

  1. The RTA does not verify written off vehicle information or warrant its accuracy. To the extent permitted by law the RTA disclaims all liability whether from negligence or otherwise for any damage or loss suffered or any costs or expenses incurred by any person howsoever arising in connection with the WOVR information including without limitation:
    (a) use of or reliance on WOVR information; and
    (b) use of the electronic input or access system for WOVR.
    and users acknowledge that the RTA is not liable for the use they make of written off vehicle information.

Electronic access at the absolute discretion of RTA

  1. Any costs for connection, use, maintenance or training for the WOVR system are entirely the responsibility of the user. The RTA is not obliged to offer or maintain an electronic input or access WOVR system. Access privileges may be denied without compensation at any time without notice to any one or more users in the RTA's absolute discretion.

Comprehensive terms and conditions

  1. These conditions of access to the electronic WOVR system form part only of the conditions governing the oligations of users contained in
    (a) the Act, the Regulations and the Business Rules (in force from time to time); and,
    (b) Memorandum of Understanding (where RTA requires its execution by the user) and/or user application form
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