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Please read the Conditions of Use below before login.
I agree to act in accordance with the Roads and Maritime Services Code of Conduct and Ethics in relation to my use of this service.

Conditions of Use

Conditions of Access

You must not access, use, amend, update, reproduce or process in any way the information contained in DRIVES unless authorised to do so by your employer.
When accessing and/or using DRIVES you must comply with the following rules:

Your Password

Your password must be kept secure and separate from your User ID.
You must not disclose your password to anyone else and must immediately advise your employer should you become aware that an unauthorised person knows or may know your password.
You must not share User Ids or passwords.


You are authorised to use DRIVES only at your place of employment during the course of your employment.
You must not access or use the information in DRIVES for any other purposes.
Any DRIVES information, which you create during the course of your employment, must be correct and accurate.
You must comply with any guidelines, instructions and/or procedures implemented by your employer in relation to access and/or use of the DRIVES information.
You must not misuse DRIVES information or carry out any activities, which may compromise the security or integrity of any DRIVES information.
You should be aware of your personal liability or penalties under Section 49 of the Road Transport (General Act) 1999

Unauthorised Disclosure

You must not disclose any DRIVES information to any persons except:

Your colleagues who are authorised by your employer to access and use the DRIVES information and who require the information for the purposes of their employment;
Any person (s) approved in writing by your employer;
Any person to whom you are required by law to disclose DRIVES information provided you notify your employer before the disclosure.

You must immediately notify your employer if you become aware of any suspected misuse of DRIVES information.
If requested by your employer, you must return to your employer, or otherwise dispose of in the manner instructed by your employer, all DRIVES information or other documentation or materials relating to DRIVES in your possession or control and cease to use DRIVES and DRIVES information.
Any person hereby acknowledging and accepting on behalf of any other person warrants that they have the authority to do so.

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If you have forgotten your password, please contact your Security Administrator to have it reset.
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